2 walkers with wheels Both in good condition Each $7 or both for $12 One used inside and the other outside
I ordered the wrong kind by mistake. 4 unused bottles of sensitive antiperspirant
Remaining inventory -- MARKED BELOW WHOLESALE COSTS! Ready for pick up in north austin - either mopac/parmer or i35/grand avenue parkway 10ml Touch Rollerballs --$16 Oregano (18.50 wholesale) --$44 Deep Blue (59 wholesale) 15ml Essential Oils --$20 Wintergreen (22 wholesale) --$12 Cedarwood (13 wholesale) --$18 Siberian Fir (20 wholesale) --$18 Tea Tree / Melaleuca (21 wholesale each) --$29 Ong...
All new except the Pacifica oil- I maybe used it 3 times. And used beauty blender with powder once. Riverchase pick up
All new except the Pacifica spray which I used twice? and I used the sharpener. Riverchase pick up
All new except the Pacifica cream which is half used. Riverchase pick up
Lipstick / lipgloss display trays Shiny black with a slight wave design Qty: 4 Each hold 10 lipsticks or lipglosses 1 for $6 or all for $20